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Using breakthrough technology, LiLash conditions and fortifies lash follicles for greater length and curl within weeks. The results are mesmerizing and women are celebrating their eyelashes all over the globe.

As women around the world experience the magic, an eyelash-obsessed community has formed, quickly becoming the centerpiece of our brand. Women are making LiLash part of their daily beauty routine, sharing their stories of daily compliments, and celebrating newfound confidence because of LiLash. They are the face of LiLash, and their incredible results are featured in everything we do!

Skoon. Skincare

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The average woman hosts up to 515 chemicals on her body everyday! And that's why SKOON. believes it is important to ensure that every ingredient that comes into contact with your skin is toxin-free and perfectly natural.

Now that's a science and it's exactly why we have spent 100's of hours, doing meticulous research so as to bring you an exciting, bold and blissfully natural range of skincare products that are absolutely free of any toxins.
Science is a complex business yet SKOON. offers you an uncomplicated collection of exquisitely fragranced, natural products that allows you to blend your own mixes, based on your skin's daily need

LED Mask

LED Face Mask
Light therapy involves the use of a variety of colours within the light spectrum to improve various skin conditions.

LED lights are safe to use within the cosmetic industry and offers a 'no side-effect' treatment for all skin types and conditions. Medical Centre's around the world make use of light for a variety of treatments. The LED Mask emits light in various wavelengths in order to stimulate or activate different responses in the skin. Each wavelength displays a different colour specific to that wavelength, and each has its own individual effect on the skin and deep skin tissues.

The mask also offers a time setting making treatment very easy, as well as the function of increasing and decreasing the light energy according to your specific needs.

Just Me

Make Up Removal Cloth
JUST Me is a revolutionary new product manufactured in South Africa. It removes make up, masks and face paint effectively by JUST using WATER. NO Soaps and NO Chemicals.

It removes all make up, including waterproof mascara, eyeliner, lipstick as well as mud masks and face paint. It is made of 100 % polyester and is gentle and soft on the skin.

Just Me is a re usable towel that you can throw into the washing machine every couple of days, and when washed all stains are removed.

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